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I’ve asked our TLP 2013 Senior Models to blog over their senior year about local reviews, a day in their life or even silly things we did not know about them…
Well, first up is our very own Crown Point Model, Cassie, who has written a little something you may not have known about her life recently and where she gets her inspiration from…

“For almost a year now I have been dealing with lower abdominal pains.  Sometimes it wouldn’t always hurt, but when it did, I would be out for the count.  A couple weeks ago, I found out I had a bladder disease, which then caused me to basically go into bladder failure.  I didn’t know what hurt me more, the pain from it all or watching my mom and family come see me at the hospital with worry written on their face.

After 4 weeks of treatments, I was told I wasn’t responding to them anymore.  Without the treatments, I am in a lot more pain than anyone would wanna be in.  I remember coming out in the waiting room to my mom and having to tell her that they didn’t know what else to do.  This wasn’t life or death, but it was hard enough to influence my everyday life.

Since that day, I have to be careful of what I do.  If I do too much I could have a lot of painful spasms going through my body.  If I do too little, I feel depressed that I wasted a perfect day.  Being 17 should be one of the best years of my life. I should be excited about my senior year…I should be planning what I’m going to be wearing for homecoming, prom and my senior class picture.  Instead…I’m planning when the next time I’ll be getting a treatment.  When will this all stop?  How much longer?
I just wanna live a normal life again.  I don’t wanna have to worry about if my plans are going to be canceled because I’m gonna be in the hospital again or if I have a treatment that day.  I know everything happens for a reason, but what was the reason for holding me back from the best year of my life? 

I know if I didn’t have my mom in my life, I wouldn’t be where I am today.  She shows me everyday that no matter what hand of cards you are dealt in life, you will always win.  She battles lupus, fibromyalgia, a bleeding disorder and so much more.  If my amazing mother can go through all that and still do her best everyday…then I can be strong enough to try and make it through all of this.”

 ~ Cassie, 2013 TLP Senior Model

Passion….what is it?  I see it as an excitement and drive towards something in life.  For me, I’ve had several things I am passionate for:  photography, helping people find their passion in life (sort of like a life coach) and any thing that has to do with the ocean.

I am bringing this up today because recently Animal Planet has re-aired some of The Crocodile Hunter episodes.  If you ever want to see what passion in someone looks like, just watch Steve Irwin in those shows. It is simply inspiring and exhilarating to watch…oh, not to mention scary at times…when he gets too close to snakes….yikes!

Take a moment to think if you have something you are passionate for. If something jumps into your head immediately, then follow it…think of ways to incorporate it into your life and future goals. If nothing comes to mind quickly, then take some more time when it is quiet and think about what you loved when you were young. Chances are…you will find something you were always passionate about, but just lost. Was it a love for animals? Sports? Airplanes? The circus? Race cars? The ocean? Adding numbers? Reading?

Once you find this current or lost LOVE….follow it…And by this I mean, find ways to make it bigger than it is. Let’s take Steve Irwin for an example. His passion was for crocodiles. He went from being one person teaching about crocodiles in Australia, then to make it bigger, adding video to capture his experiences, then to full production adventures to educate the WORLD on amazing animals. He was able to achieve this because of his passion…which made people believe in him and what he stood for…thus making his dreams go farther than he realized was ever possible. For more on Steve and his family visit:  http://www.australiazoo.com.au/about-us/the-irwins/steve

You can do this too….if you choose or hey, lets just start with finding your passion first ;)  In the meantime, one of my next few blogs will be about how I took my passion and ran with it and what I choose to do with it in the future….I know…you can’t wait…right?  ;)


I know, I know, I know…it has been awhile since I last blogged…well, let me catch you up…and introduce you to our 2013 Senior Models:
Kayla @ Andrean High School
Ramsey @ Andrean High School
 Cassie @ Crown Point High School
Katie @ Crown Point High School
Amanda @ Lake Central High School
I am very excited about having them on our team!!! Keep a look out for new creative shoots with any one of them :-) 
We have also added new items to our line of custom products to offer! Items like acrylic metal prints & your very own custom MOBILE APP!!! ….yes, I did say “your very own custom MOBILE APP!!!”  So, needless to say, they are VERY cool & special items…
In between all of that, I have been travelling to Indianapolis once a month for the Navy Reserves and just got back from Hawaii for my annual training. Yea! I know…it is a tough life ;)
Last but not least, I have been utilizing the amazing marketing materials from Tammy Fisher Photography, giving my business a well needed update. Thanks again Tammy!
I hope to keep up with this blog….so, go ahead and FOLLOW us! Thanks!

Ok, I just have to say, I know some really amazing people….I am just SO lucky!

I have to tell you about this AMAZING photographer, Tammy, from North Carolina. She is owner of Tammy Fisher Photography;  a fabulous H.S. Senior portrait photographer, a photographer mentor & a guru business marketer!

I’ve been contemplating hiring Tammy to look into weak spots of my business for some time, but was not really sure of the timing.  I called her a few weeks ago, feeling overwhelmed with my grandfather in the hospital and attempting to “catch-up” with things I needed ready for the senior season.

She listened to my “to do” list and said “I think it is time to re-brand your business”. Now, I had no idea what she really meant, but I was willing to go along with her….anything to help me out of this ditch I felt I was in.

Within in a few days, she created a nice clean, simplistic logo that completely made sense with my new direction. Once I approved this logo, she then told me to turn off all computers and don’t look until a week had pasted.

Well, a week later I opened my email…there it was….an amazing site to see…

She had created new pricing strategies, workflow charts, thank you cards, business cards, caring for your images card, gift certificates and more…she even created a logo brush stamp, updated my splash page on my website & created a new FB Timeline cover!!!!

I was SHOCKED!!! Ok, I am STILL SHOCKED!!! It seems as though every time I turn around, there is something else she made for me….just nothing short of AMAZING!!!!

Thank you so MUCH!!! Without you, my business would be lost in limbo…your services are invaluable… You have continually mentored my business from “nothing” to “on the path of greatness”! I can not thank you enough……Terrie

I am SO pleased to announce the collaboration of efforts with an amazing local Chicago fashion make-up artist, Shannon Grimmer | Beauty Concepts (SG | BC), to our H.S. Senior Sessions!!!

We all know make-up helps smooth the skin and give beautiful, even tones.  No H.S. Senior session should be without this, even if you NEVER wear make-up (ok, we are not talking about the guys here ;-)  I am a NO make-up kind of gal…but when it comes to photographs, I always add a natural tone of make-up to help the photo POP.  A make-up artist can achieve this much beyond what we can do ourselves. They understand lighting and the effects of a camera lens on the skin. Plus, I just LOVE the pampering!!!

Whether you are modest like me or love wearing make-up all day long, I strongly hope you consider adding her to your session… Shannon has given us an EXCLUSIVE $65 rate for hair & make-up, on location!!!  Isn’t that CRAZY?  She may even stay for touch-ups during the session, if we ask her nicely  :-) 

Just imagine the pampering of hair & make-up, then a photo session customized just for YOU!!!  It is an EXPERIENCE we create. It is NOT just a plain, dull senior portrait; let’s leave those for the backdrop guys ;-)

Remember:  Adding on-location hair & make-up will transform your senior session into an amazing magical experience!!!

To read more about Shannon’s career as an artist:

Shannon has been working in the beauty industry for 11 years. Performing services for fashion shows, brides, media and special events. She is well rounded and has worked for the world renowned brand MAC cosmetics, has been an
educator for reputable hair brands and has been in the corporate salon management arena.

Currently she is partnered with MuseBeauty.pro as an educator.  What is musebeauty.pro?
We are a resource for advanced education, inspiration, and professional product for the makeup artist.

About SG | BC makeup applications
Shannon uses Kett Hydro which is a water based, transfer resistant, water resistant foundation applied with an airbrush or the traditional makeup brush. Kett is a skin-benefit formula that is ideal for all skin types. Kett allows a custom blend of over 60 shades of foundation. This allows her to be confident that your skin will look naturally beautiful! 

Her style is a mix of traditional and airbrush (airbrush is NOT an additional charge).

Shannon Grimmer | Shannon Grimmer Beauty Concepts | Rodan + Fields NWI and
Greater Chicago Independent Consultant

I am sitting here in the hospital, as I have done almost everyday for the past 38 days with my Grandpa…

Let me tell you about my Grandpa…He was born in 1928 from a family of 9 kids. He went to school with his best friend, George, and even joined the US Navy together in 1945 at the age of 17. George and my Grandfather, Steve, toured the world together, literally, down to the South Pole and back in 1946! They are best of buddies…

One day, Grandpa took his shore leave and went home for 30 days. He came back to tell George that he got married to a pretty young lady, named Lorraine! While Grandpa finished out his Navy contract, he & Grandma live in a one room (not one bedroom, but one room) apartment in Manhattan NY. Let me tell you, the stories I’ve heard were just too many & too funny to mention them all :-) They settled back to Northwest Indiana shortly after that, while George did the same.

My Grandparents had my mom and her brother, Stevie. My mom had us four kids and let me tell you…Grandma & Grandpa had their hands full when we came over to stay the night! Every night we were put to bed with a warm glass of milk and some kind of treat, like cookies or ice cream! Yes, do you believe that? I know, we were so spoiled!!!

I have to tell you that my Grandfather is the BEST man I have ever known! I get my positive outlook on life from him and my husband. He also makes me laugh all of the time, specially when we went on a cruise together….oh boy, now that was crazy fun! He has that no nonsense attitude and loves NCIS…just like me! Matter of fact, we watched all of the NCIS reruns together, here at the hospital!

Grandma & Grandpa were married for 63 crazy years! She passed away January 2011, 1 year and 2 months from today. His undying love for her was so immense, that anyone who saw them together just instantly knew how deeply he cared for and loved her.
Just before Grandpa started chemo & radiation for his esophageal cancer (which he had a “let’s get it done” attitude) we took a trip to see George. This was the first time I ever met his best friend of over 73 years! We had a whale of a time talking about their lives together…of course, I video recorded it!

This past week Grandpa was put on a ventilator and came off 9 days later, with perfect “stats”. The doctors were amazed and could not believe it. Of course, I did believe because I know how determined he is to overcome things. Well, today Grandpa decided it was time to be with Grandma…he told us he can’t wait to see her again…and the ear to ear smile was emmense! With that, my Grandfather met his long lost love, Lorraine, on the other side somewhere…I only hope that one day I will be with them again.


To my Grandpa:

Thank you for all of the amazing days we had together with all of the ups and downs. I will always tell everyone I can, that you are my inspiration for life! I am thankful I have always told you this, so I know you already know :-)

P.s. thank you for all of the warm milk and cookies when I was a kid…

Love “your favorite granddaughter” (inside joke),

About the “Just Model It’ 2013 Senior Model Program: 
The Model Application: 
If you are one of the LUCKY assistants, you will meet at my home, in Schererville, on Wednesday,
March 7th by 1:30pm (no later). We will return to the same location at the VERY latest 10:30pm, but expect to back before then.
The assistants will not be paid, but the trip will include a snack, dinner and travel to/from Aurora, IL!
I can not guarantee a personal photograph with the Hunger Games cast,
but I would hope we would have that opportunity :-)

2013 “Just Model It” Search Is ON !!!

I am SO excited about this year’s senior model program!
This is going to be an exciting year for our 2013 Senior Model TEAM! 

Our amazing Senior Model Program is chock full of rewards, such as a studio style fashion shoot with a makeup/hair artist, free products for spreading the word about us, your own CUTE personalized mini accordion book and MORE !!!

AND I have EVEN more up my sleeve to come… Oh, I just can’t WAIT !!! 

So, you want to know who can join our team? 
Currently, we are accepting applications from spunky, fun & outgoing Juniors from:

Andrean High School
Crown Point High School
Lake Central High School 
Munster High Schools

How to apply, you ask?  Fill out this online application :-)  

When do I need to have the form filled out by?  By March 15th @ midnight (update:  open until April 9th)

How will I know if I had made the team?  All applicants will be notified via email.

Will it cost anything? 
Being part of our team, with all these amazing perks, is absolutely FREE !!!  :-) 

Although, we do offer a full Spring outdoor senior session at a very special, exclusive price to team members only…
let’s just say…I don’t even offer this deal to family members, it is that good! 
I’m just say’in….

When will this awesome fashion photo shoot happen?  April 2012

Still wondering if you should apply? 
Contact your current Junior/Senior Model and ask them what they think about being part of our team…

AndreanKayla Thomas, 2013
Andrean, Ramsey Hayes, 2013
Crown PointKendall Brown, 2012
Crown Point, Cassidy Miller-Engle, 2013
Lake CentralIke Spearman, 2012
Lake Central, Amanda Neff, 2013
MerrillvilleJucila Best, 2012
Munster, just added for 2013!!

I had a rough patch when I was a kid having to deal with a divorce and remarriages. It was a lot to take in when you are only in 2nd grade. We (my 2 sisters and brother) would visit my Dad on weekends and then slowly it became sporadic as he moved onto his new life…this hurt…but when he did see us, we had his undivided attention, as if we were the only ones in the world around him.

We had plenty of “Chinese Fire Drills” together  :-)
It is when you are at a stop light and you all get out and run around the car, then get back in before the light would change green…I know…silly, but fun…

As he got older, he became literally a “wise man”. He would say those things that young adults would not understand. As I moved into my 30’s and started a family, I completely understood them all. I looked forward to when we would speak, email or chat, just to hear his worldly advise. He was kind and caring, all the way deep into his soul. Anyone lucky enough to know him was greatly touched by his warmth.
I love my Dad with all my heart and I am in disbelief that I can no longer call upon his wisdom. He was too young to pass on…only 63 years old and had an amazing future to complete.
He has always encouraged me to find my happiness…doing anything less, is just wasted time and energy.

But right now, at this moment though, my strive for life has been lost…and now I only feel painful sadness…

I am very lucky. Every time I had contact with my Dad, he always told me how proud he was of my son & daughter, my connection with my husband, who I have become and how much I’ve achieved in my life. He was also my BIGGEST photography fan. Just last month he spent sometime at work showing off my recent images to his coworkers. You could just hear how proud he was of me…  …I will never forget that moment.
To give you an idea of how amazing and wise he was all of the time…
this is a note my Dad wrote to my brother, a short while before his unexpected passing…

Hey, I know the kind of life that gets in the way of some of the things you intend to accomplish. That is what so great about this Facebook program. You can communicate on your time. Plus you can get updates to all the important people in your life easily. I am proud “as Hell” of Love of my children and my friends and the Pace family online. Thanks for the shout out and even though there is distance and time between chats, love to you and your sisters is constant from both your mother and I. Our proudest moments were the birth of each of you! ~ Larry Pace

As I read this again…it sends me into crying right away…to know these are his last messages I will ever see… it is unfair…but I understand I am lucky his words were always filled with so much love, each and every time.

Every child wants to hear from their parents about how proud they are of them…
…I am lucky, my father did this every time. Thank you Dad….