A movie review of “Django Unchained” by our 2013 senior model, Ramsey!

Here at Terra Lynn Photography, we encourage our models to blog about things they are doing, seeing, following or going through. Here is Ramsey’s first blog for us, a movie review for “Django Unchained”. Please comment or like to let him know your thoughts!

“The movie is about a black slave turned bounty hunter named Django(Jamie Foxx) he and his partner Dr.Scholtz go all around the south collecting bounty for the corpses of notorious murders, rapists, and criminals. Django, while learning to become a quick hand with a gun, is also searching for his wife Hilda(Kerry Washington) who was separated at a slave auction. The movie is filled with suspense and drama. And has big name stars in it such as Samuel L Jackson and Leonardo DiCaprio. It is a must watch for the season and is sure to be nominated for an award pretty soon.”

Thanks Ramsey! Looks like it is a good movie to go see!Image



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