Amazing Mentoring Experience – Tammy Fisher Photography

Ok, I just have to say, I know some really amazing people….I am just SO lucky!

I have to tell you about this AMAZING photographer, Tammy, from North Carolina. She is owner of Tammy Fisher Photography;  a fabulous H.S. Senior portrait photographer, a photographer mentor & a guru business marketer!

I’ve been contemplating hiring Tammy to look into weak spots of my business for some time, but was not really sure of the timing.  I called her a few weeks ago, feeling overwhelmed with my grandfather in the hospital and attempting to “catch-up” with things I needed ready for the senior season.

She listened to my “to do” list and said “I think it is time to re-brand your business”. Now, I had no idea what she really meant, but I was willing to go along with her….anything to help me out of this ditch I felt I was in.

Within in a few days, she created a nice clean, simplistic logo that completely made sense with my new direction. Once I approved this logo, she then told me to turn off all computers and don’t look until a week had pasted.

Well, a week later I opened my email…there it was….an amazing site to see…

She had created new pricing strategies, workflow charts, thank you cards, business cards, caring for your images card, gift certificates and more…she even created a logo brush stamp, updated my splash page on my website & created a new FB Timeline cover!!!!

I was SHOCKED!!! Ok, I am STILL SHOCKED!!! It seems as though every time I turn around, there is something else she made for me….just nothing short of AMAZING!!!!

Thank you so MUCH!!! Without you, my business would be lost in limbo…your services are invaluable… You have continually mentored my business from “nothing” to “on the path of greatness”! I can not thank you enough……Terrie

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