Cooper’s Hawk, a review by Kayla, our 2013 Senior Andrean Model!!!

Kayla is our 2013 Senior Model from Andrean High School. She has wrote a wonderful review of our local Cooper’s Hawk restaurant.  Please enjoy!

“Cooper’s Hawk, located in Southlake Mall, is a winery and restaurant combination. Although a winery I think that Cooper’s Hawk is perfect for teens as well. Cooper’s Hawk as a plethora of menu options and wine pairing suggestions with every meal for the adults. I have been about four times now, ordering something different every time, and every meal I have gotten has been spot on. The food is delicious, and there are even a variety of options if you have little ones dinning out with you. While dinner is good, dessert is to die for. The deserts are made when you order which allows you to taste how fresh the ingredients really are. My favorite dessert is the banana caramel ice cream sandwich. The banana bread is made fresh so it is served hot with ice cream in between the two slices with a caramel sauce drizzled on top. To accommodate all customers Cooper’s Hawk also offers a Life Balance menu and a Gluten Free menu. I would definitely recommend this restaurant!” ~ KaylaImage

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