For those we have lost…

Here is a beautiful poem from our Crown Point Senior Model, Cassie.

She wrote about her grandma, Linda, who was her super hero growing up.

Cassie says “Everyday I try to be my best because I know it would make her proud.”

I cry every night
Hoping June 11th was
Just a dream that
Gave me a fright
Do you know how
Much I need you?
Can you see this blonde
Girl crying for how much
She misses you too
The tears that fall
Remind me of it all
The pain, the tears..
While holding you close,
Now you not being here
Is when I miss that
The most
Do you see me
Down here?
Like me, do you feel
The pain of every tear?
Every morning I look
At the clouds above,
Hoping to see a glimpse
Of you to say you still
Are missed and forever

Cassidy Miller-Engle

And a post is not a post without a gorgeous large photo of Cassie :)

TerraLynnPhoto Cassie IMG_8947

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