Introducing Kayla…our Andrean H.S. 2013 Senior Model on the Blog !

This is Kayla…
Look at her beautiful smile!
Kayla has an amazing musical talent…
matter of fact, that is how we met! 
One day, while waiting for my son’s piano lesson to finish up, Kayla started to play her guitar and sing while she waited for her lesson. I was stopped in my tracks and could not do anything else, but listen to her sing. I have NEVER heard such a beautiful sound before…
Well, come to find out, she is not only amazingly talented, but she is one of the most beautiful people inside and out, that I have EVER met! The smile in her eyes will overwhelm anyone who meets her. Even when she is feeling sick, she has only powerful, inspirational things to say. 
I am SO lucky she has become one of our models… Truly, she is the person to model after in all respects!
Thank YOU, Kayla !!!

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