Just Model It 2013!

2013 “Just Model It” Search Is ON !!!

I am SO excited about this year’s senior model program!
This is going to be an exciting year for our 2013 Senior Model TEAM! 

Our amazing Senior Model Program is chock full of rewards, such as a studio style fashion shoot with a makeup/hair artist, free products for spreading the word about us, your own CUTE personalized mini accordion book and MORE !!!

AND I have EVEN more up my sleeve to come… Oh, I just can’t WAIT !!! 

So, you want to know who can join our team? 
Currently, we are accepting applications from spunky, fun & outgoing Juniors from:

Andrean High School
Crown Point High School
Lake Central High School 
Munster High Schools

How to apply, you ask?  Fill out this online application :-)  

When do I need to have the form filled out by?  By March 15th @ midnight (update:  open until April 9th)

How will I know if I had made the team?  All applicants will be notified via email.

Will it cost anything? 
Being part of our team, with all these amazing perks, is absolutely FREE !!!  :-) 

Although, we do offer a full Spring outdoor senior session at a very special, exclusive price to team members only…
let’s just say…I don’t even offer this deal to family members, it is that good! 
I’m just say’in….

When will this awesome fashion photo shoot happen?  April 2012

Still wondering if you should apply? 
Contact your current Junior/Senior Model and ask them what they think about being part of our team…

AndreanKayla Thomas, 2013
Andrean, Ramsey Hayes, 2013
Crown PointKendall Brown, 2012
Crown Point, Cassidy Miller-Engle, 2013
Lake CentralIke Spearman, 2012
Lake Central, Amanda Neff, 2013
MerrillvilleJucila Best, 2012
Munster, just added for 2013!!

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