When Life Gives You Opportunities…Take THEM!

It has been quite a while since last blogging or updating my FB page…  Well, some rather rapid life changes occurred, which took me off course for awhile.

Healthy Clean Family

My husband and I have always set life goals together.  This contributes to a large part of our successes and what ultimately holds us together.  A while back, pre-children, we lived in California.  We moved back to Indiana to be close to family, once our son was born.  Ever since then, in the back of our minds, we felt the need to strive for warmer climates, again.

One day,  I suggested we place our home on the market.  If it sold, we move to California, if it didn’t, then we stay in Indiana.  Pretty simple.  Although, the thought was simple, we are not ready for what actually transpired…. In three days, our home was SOLD!  Yes, SOLD.  You guessed it, SOLD!

Ugh…What about the business?  What about family?  What about getting a job in CA?  Oh, the questions were ample, but ultimately…our destiny was California!  We took on the challenge and started to settle into our new ways of life.

Since then, I put the business on hold to help my children acclimate to CA.  This opened my eyes to getting back to our simple roots.  I started researching chemicals in our food and was SHOCKED!  Food was NOT what it use to be!  All of this time, I had such blinders on.

Also, during this time, I continued to network with local businesses, such as Steward Butler, a hospitality and cleaning company, to utilize my talents towards commercial photography.   :)

Steward Butler

In the meantime, I hope to start working on tutorials for bloggers, aspiring photographers and families who just want better photos from their cameras.

So, stay tuned!!!



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