My Grandfather…My Grandpa…

I am sitting here in the hospital, as I have done almost everyday for the past 38 days with my Grandpa…

Let me tell you about my Grandpa…He was born in 1928 from a family of 9 kids. He went to school with his best friend, George, and even joined the US Navy together in 1945 at the age of 17. George and my Grandfather, Steve, toured the world together, literally, down to the South Pole and back in 1946! They are best of buddies…

One day, Grandpa took his shore leave and went home for 30 days. He came back to tell George that he got married to a pretty young lady, named Lorraine! While Grandpa finished out his Navy contract, he & Grandma live in a one room (not one bedroom, but one room) apartment in Manhattan NY. Let me tell you, the stories I’ve heard were just too many & too funny to mention them all :-) They settled back to Northwest Indiana shortly after that, while George did the same.

My Grandparents had my mom and her brother, Stevie. My mom had us four kids and let me tell you…Grandma & Grandpa had their hands full when we came over to stay the night! Every night we were put to bed with a warm glass of milk and some kind of treat, like cookies or ice cream! Yes, do you believe that? I know, we were so spoiled!!!

I have to tell you that my Grandfather is the BEST man I have ever known! I get my positive outlook on life from him and my husband. He also makes me laugh all of the time, specially when we went on a cruise together….oh boy, now that was crazy fun! He has that no nonsense attitude and loves NCIS…just like me! Matter of fact, we watched all of the NCIS reruns together, here at the hospital!

Grandma & Grandpa were married for 63 crazy years! She passed away January 2011, 1 year and 2 months from today. His undying love for her was so immense, that anyone who saw them together just instantly knew how deeply he cared for and loved her.
Just before Grandpa started chemo & radiation for his esophageal cancer (which he had a “let’s get it done” attitude) we took a trip to see George. This was the first time I ever met his best friend of over 73 years! We had a whale of a time talking about their lives together…of course, I video recorded it!

This past week Grandpa was put on a ventilator and came off 9 days later, with perfect “stats”. The doctors were amazed and could not believe it. Of course, I did believe because I know how determined he is to overcome things. Well, today Grandpa decided it was time to be with Grandma…he told us he can’t wait to see her again…and the ear to ear smile was emmense! With that, my Grandfather met his long lost love, Lorraine, on the other side somewhere…I only hope that one day I will be with them again.


To my Grandpa:

Thank you for all of the amazing days we had together with all of the ups and downs. I will always tell everyone I can, that you are my inspiration for life! I am thankful I have always told you this, so I know you already know :-)

P.s. thank you for all of the warm milk and cookies when I was a kid…

Love “your favorite granddaughter” (inside joke),

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