School “Daze” Photo Contest (for everyone 13 to 100 yrs old !!!)

Who wants to win a FREE Snapshots session?

1. Email your favorite picture of yourself, scenery or object taken by a camera cell phone & un-edited to: or post it to our fan page wall at  :-)

2.  If you know one of our model reps (Ike, Jucila, Kayla, Kendall, Ramsey or Sydney), please put their name in the description to help them gain points!

3. I will post all entries in an album on Sept 1st.

4. Then have your friends “Like” it by Sept 15th!

That’s it!

Winner with the most “Likes” by midnight CST September 15th wins a FREE Snapshots session worth $99 !!! This contest is open to 13 yr old and up!

Bonus! Any contestant reaching 50 “likes” will earn a surprise at the end of the contest!!! It’s never too late to enter for the BONUS!!!

I would just LOVE to see a Grandma, Grandpa or even a GREAT Grandma or Grandpa enter into the contest! Wouldn’t that be fun?!?!?! Having a beautiful photo taken for yourself is the best feeling ever….so, enter NOW!!!

Note:  TLP Models not eligible for the contest, but may gain 1 point per person entered into the School “Daze” Photo Contest. Contestant must type the model rep’s name in the description or comments below their photo to receive their point  :-)

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