Session for NO reason, REALLY, you deserve it! No occasion needed!

As a mom, I find occasions to photograph my children, but very rarely will I ever join in.  There are several reasons, maybe my hair is up in a pony tail and if I take it out….uh, watch out…here comes bozo ;-)  Or maybe I am feeling I won’t look nice, so why waste a good photo of the kids.
(no inserted photo of this craziness…I refuse ;-)
Well, people tend to have similar reasons or just many others, when thinking of themselves in a photograph.  It is important to find reasons to overcome such NONSENSE.  I now have several such reasons, one is I realize my children will be looking for pictures of myself when they are older. I know this, because I am always looking for photos of my mom when she was my age, and there are not many :-( .  
Here is one of my mom, around my current age…I think…
Another reason, is to actually feel better about myself. Believe it or not, taking the time to “be ready” for a photograph will allow you to feel and look good, because you are prepared ;-)  Don’t wait for a “special occasion”, time flies too quickly. Instead, an idea is to pledge to yourself every (set number of years) to have a personal session taken for only you. Don’t think of a simple head shot. I am talking about a lifestyle portrait that puts you in your own environment. I love the photo of my mom (above) because it shows her environment. It is not a standard picture of her standing there. It is an awesome snapshot of my mom’s life at this time. If you capture such moments & locations, you will be able look back at what makes you, YOU.
When having an individual session with us, starting with a good makeup and hair style from a local salon gets the mood in the right direction. Plus, an added bonus, the makeup may cover issues of concern, leaving you less self conscious about imperfections in the skin.  Note:  No model has perfect skin. Makeup and digital touch-ups create this illusion.  For the guys, you are totally welcome to go to a local salon for your makeup and hair ;-) but I notice my male clients will tend to pick up a new shirt and/or pants, which works, too!
Local cosmetology schools are available at a discounted rate, but make sure to have a practice run for what you are looking for.
At Terra Lynn Photography, I strive to capture each client’s unique beauty in many ways, to look and feel like a model. Keep us in mind when thinking of your own personal shoot…
…don’t forget, some people will never do something for themselves, so sometimes it is up to family or friends to make it happen for them. We have gift certificates available, at any amount, to either apply toward a session or to purchase a whole session at the current 2011 rates, for that special person who never takes the time.
My mom now…!

Give me a call to chat or answer any of your questions at 219 902-9012 :-)


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