Wow! We have been half way around the WORLD!

Yes, Terra Lynn Photography took a short break from our photography clients to literally move across the world to New Zealand!!!

Initially, the family and I were just going to tour Oceania for a year, but fell in LOVE with New Zealand and their amazing people, that we just could not leave <3!

We are now settled and I am beginning the amazing journey to introduce New Zealand to High School/College Senior Photography!

I really wanted to define what Senior Photography means for me and why I am passionate about it, when creating our new motto.  So here it is:  Experience Style, Experience Confidence

Because our photography is all about:

  • the EXPERIENCE of being creative together to capture the personality of each senior, in their own way
  • the STYLE of creating different looks in the same area, simply by the turn of the camera or a new accessory
  • the CONFIDENCE our teens feel during and after the session, when they realize they are beautiful, without all of the Photoshop editing

As my 2013 Seniors said so well:  Persevere, Dedicated & Determined


Keep a lookout for updates! Cheers from New Zealand!

p.s.  I blogged about our adventure in world travel at, if interested :)


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